KS4 Results


There have been  three consecutive years of changes to examinations and performance tables which have come into effect, which mean that the performance tables cannot be compared like for like with those of previous years.

In the summer of 2014, changes were:

  • 5 A*-C figure can include a maximum of 2 GCSE equivalent qualifications (BTEC, etc.)
  • Multiple grades in the same subject only count once (e.g., double award Health & Social Care = 1 GCSE)
  • Subjects deemed to have similar content discount each other (e.g. Drama, Performing Arts & Dance; Art – Graphics; BTEC Sport –GCSE PE) and only count as one GCSE.
  • Only the first entry in year 11 counts (so if a student sat GCSE Maths in Year 10 and got a grade D, then re-sat in Year 11 and got a C, the D grade would count in the Performance Tables).
  • English Language went to 60% exam from 40% exam.

From the summer of 2015, all BTEC qualifications were more rigorous specifications with 25% exam.

In the summer of 2016, the tables were changed drastically, and the headline measures are now:

A*-C in both English and Maths

Progress 8*

Performance 8*

Ebacc *

(See below for explanations)

2016 Results

KS2 Average Point Score on Entry

  WSSC National
2016 27.5 27.5
2015 26.9 27.6

The Wickersley KS2 Average Point Score for the 2016 Year 11 cohort is exactly the same as the national average. It equates to an average of a level 4c in English and Maths.




Wickersley 2014 Results Wickersley 2015 Results National*


Wickersley 2016 Results
5 A*-C inc Ma & Eng (max 2 equivalences) 78 77 54 81
A*-C in Ma & Eng 80 78 56 83
5 A*-G 96 98 93 99
English Baccalaureate 26 19.5 24 36

Progress 8 NA +0.64 0 +0.54
Attainment 8 NA 54.0 NA 55.8

*national figures are from 2015

Progress 8 and Attainment 8 count only the following subjects:

English (double weighted if both language and literature taken)

Maths (double weighted)

Best 3 Ebacc subjects (Modern Foreign Language, History, Geography, Science, Computing)

Best 3 other approved qualifications from the list published by the Department of Education

Progress 8 is a value-added measure. A Progress 8 score of +1.0 means all students have achieved one full grade above expectations (calculated by the government based on KS2 attainment).

Wickersley’s score of 0.54 means that on average, students have performed one full grade above expectations in 4 out of the 8 subjects counted.

Attainment 8 is an attainment measure. 50 = average grade of C, 60 = B, etc. So, Wickersley’s score of 56.1 is equivalent to an average grade of B-.

The  English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) is a combination of subjects which the government believes to be the foundation of a good academic education. At Wickersley, these subjects are offered but not all are compulsory. The Ebacc must include: English, maths, two sciences, history or geography and a Modern Foreign Language).

Pupil Premium Cohort 2016

Schools receive additional funding to support the progress and attainment of disadvantaged students, classified as follows: any student who has been eligible for Free School Meals in the last 6 years; looked after children (LAC) and post-LAC; and children whose parents serve in the armed forces.

The progress of Pupil Premium students national falls below that of their peers.

Starting points of WSSC Students 2016 Cohort
  KS2 Average Point Score
All 27.5
PP 25.3
Non PP 28.2


WSSC Pupil Premium 2016 WSSC All Students 2016 National Pupil Premium National All Students
5 A*-C inc Eng & Maths 58 81 36 54
A*-C in both Eng & Maths 60 83 38 56
Progress 8 +0.37 +0.54 NA 0

Wickersley’s Pupil Premium cohort performed well above the Pupil Premium group nationally, but also above all students nationally.