Grade Ladder – Resistant Materials – Year 9

Year 9 Resistant Materials – Art Deco Picture Frame Project

Objectives Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Investigating the Task and Design Brief I collected ideas from catalogues or the internet.

I selected a suitable client and produced a simple profile.

I collected ideas from at least 2 places. E.g. catalogues, the internet, drawings etc.

I can say how my product suits my client.

I clearly explained how my research may be useful when designing. I used a wide range of resources and clearly explained how they helped my designing.
Specification I listed down what I wanted my product to do using ACCESS FM. I have given some reasons for the points I have made. I used ACCESS FM write my specification. I have given at least one reason for each specification point. I produced a detailed Specification using ACCESS FM. I have good knowledge of materials and processes. I have independently researched materials that I could use in industry as well as school. I have sound knowledge of knowledge material properties and characteristics.
Design Ideas I explained the positive and negatives of my design ideas.

My rendering demonstrates some understanding of material properties.

I used the help sheet to write about my design ideas. I can say why my design is suitable for my client. My rendering is detailed and I have shown how the product will fit together. I can annotate my ideas in detail, explaining how they meet the brief. I can identify potential problems with my designs. My rendering is realistic and I have shown good attention to detail. I added detailed notes to all my design ideas. I have attempted the prompts on the helpsheet and considered sustainability issues.

My rendering is highly realistic.



I can explain some technical detail about my final product such as which joints I will use and why. I can use simple CAD/CAM. I explained how other peoples ideas can help me develop my design. I can explain how I have adapted my design for CAD/CAM. I selected the best design and developed it further based on my peers’ views and my knowledge of CAD/CAM. I selected the best design and developed it further based on the different needs of a range of users. (Linking to client profile).
Planning I produced a step by step plan for making. I understand where to place simple quality checks and can name the basic equipment. I drew a plan for making before I started and explained what tools and equipment I will use.

I can modify my plan if things change.

I produced detailed planning in the form of a flowchart. My flowchart has relevant quality checks and names the tools and equipment that I will use. I made a detailed plan for making which included the tools, equipment, materials, health and safety, quality control methods and time.
Making I always used the correct tools and equipment.

I can mark out accurately and follow the instructions.

Most of my joints meet. There are some rough edges.

My product is well made and accurate.

I can independently use CAD/CAM to enhance my design.

My joints meet and the edges are smooth.

I used a range of tools, equipment, materials and processes.

I can independently plan and work through a sequence of tasks.

My product is high quality and suitable for the market.

I used a range of tools, equipment, materials and processes.

My design is professional and clearly follows my design journey.

I can work independently and to the plan of making to create a unique product.

Evaluating I explained what the product should do and how well my project works.

I explained the good and bad parts of my product and improvements I could make.

My final product was tested by myself and other people.

I explained the good and bad parts of my product and what improvements I could make.

I explained how my product could be made outside of school (industry practice).

I tested and evaluated the product I designed and manufactured detailing improvements.

I evaluated the way I have used sources of information.

I explained any alterations, modifications and improvements.

I listened to other peoples views relating to the product I made.

I modified my product in light of the evaluation or redesigned it on paper.

I evaluated my design against my design brief

I have considered the environment, ethical issues and social and cultural impact.