Grade Ladder – Science
  • I can critically analyse and evaluate my own work.
  • I can refine methods.
  • I can judge validity.
  • I can identify ethical implications.
  • I can refine methods.
  • I can critically evaluate methods
  • I can judge validity.
  • I can critically analyse my own work.
  • I can challenge application.
  • I can work comprehensively.
  • I can complete complex calculations.
  • I can use relevant methods.
  • I can make suggestions.
  • I can apply knowledge unprompted.
  • I work consistently.
  • I can use accurate keywords.
  • I can complete multi-step processes.
  • I can use appropriate methods.
  • I can evaluate and improve.
  • I can analyse information.
  • I can identify an unfamiliar application.
  • I can describe observations.
  • I can make secure observations.
  • I can use a range of keywords.
  • I can compare observations.
  • I can recall.
  • I can record simple conclusions.
  • I can identify relevant Science.
  • I can use data.
  • I can write methods.
  • I can use equations.
  • I can identify some units
  • I can record observations.
  • I can describe processes.
  • I can make simple predictions.
  • I can record results.
  • I can can spot patterns in data.
  • I can make suggestions.
  • I can use equipment correctly.
  • I can observe and compare.
  • I can follow instructions.
  • I can state findings.
  • I can describe my process in steps.
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