Grade Ladder – Developing Design Ideas
  • Sophisticated and thorough development of ideas through sustained, focused and coherent investigations.
  • Perceptive and rigorous critical analysis of sources, providing the basis for assured, independent responses.
  • I have produced a range of ideas which are thorough.
  • My development of ideas are sustained and focused investigations.
  • Rigorous critical analysis of sources, providing the basis for purposeful, independent responses.
  • I have produced a range of creative and personal design developments and ideas through detailed investigations which are generally sustained and well thought out.
  • I have demonstrated critical analysis of sources, providing the basis for creative and independent responses.
  • I have produced a range of creative design ideas using my research and sampling.
  • My use of colour is creative and skilful.
  • I have put care and thought into my presentation and have selected a range of appropriate techniques.
  • I have produced creative design ideas which match the design brief and link to my research and sampling.
  • I have used colour effectively and my annotation describes my design thinking.
  • I have produced a good range of different design ideas.
  • My ideas are annotated and link to my research.
  • I have included a range of techniques.
  • I have explained most elements of the idea, and the reasons for my choices.
  • I have produced different design ideas in colour.
  • I have used simple labels to explain the design and techniques I intend to use.
  • I have used a limited amount of my research to help me with my ideas.
  • I have produced basic ideas.
  • I can talk about my ideas to my teacher.
  • My use of colour and annotation is limited and I have shown little care on the presentation.
  • I have produced a very simple idea.
  • With help I can identify good and bad points of my idea.
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