Year 9 Options 2021

This year, students will be provided with a list of ten different option suites, from which they need to choose two. Within the suites are different subjects; students will experience lessons in each of these subjects during Year 9. For example, the Art & Design suite consists of Fine Art, Graphics and Textiles. If a student opts for the Art suite, they will rotate around these three subjects throughout Year 9.

At the end of Year 9, students are advised to choose any two subjects from their two suites to study throughout Y10 and Y11. They are the subjects they feel they enjoyed the most and would best succeed in.

As an example, if a student chose to study Art and Design and DT suites throughout Y9, they may choose to specialise in Fine Art and Engineering moving forward into Y10.

  • Letter to parents and Assembly – Assembly Wednesday 3rd and letter Thursday 4th March
  • Predicted student grades – Posted home.
  • Options EveningThursday 18th March
  • 3 Main assemblies for parents and students delivered by Head – 5pm,  5.30pm and 6pm
  • 15 minute sessions delivered via Google Hangout. Each 15 minute slot will have a welcome talk by the Faculty Leader, a short video and time allocated for Q&A’s from parents. – Begin at 5pm every 15 minutes until 7pm
  • Options Form – Emailed directly to students (Google Form) – Thursday 18th March (evening)
  • All videos from faculties to be uploaded to the school website along with options booklet after the event.
  • Parent Careers Advice Week – w/c 15th March
  • Deadline for completed forms – Tuesday 23rd March
  • Option Meetings with Students – w/c 12th April
  • Options finalised and letter home confirming choices – Thursday 29th April
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