Preparing For Exams

Advice for parents and guardians

Examination Timetable

Exam Season Dates Results Day
University Admissions Tests 31st October 2018 (during half term) N/A
November GCSE resits 5th – 12th November 2018 (including inset days) 17th January 2019
Y11 Mocks 10th – 20th December 2018 TBA
January Season 7th – 25th January 2019 14th March 2019
Y12 and Y13 Mocks 25th February – 4th March TBA
Y10 Mocks 25th – 29th March TBA
Summer Season 13th May – 26th June
Please note the 26th June is a JCQ contingency day so all students must be available to take exams on that day
GCE/L3 15th August 2018
GCSE/L2 22nd August 2019

Please note the practical exams will be run from January – June 2019. More information will be given out by subject teachers closer to the time.


Useful revision tips

All students should:

  • Plan to take breaks after thirty or forty-five minutes at most. Any longer and it is likely that nothing more will sink in. Take a short break in between sessions and have a glass of water or something similar to drink. Get up and walk around.
  • Plan revision in the evenings after school to allow for relaxation time
  • Plan to revise specific topics in each subject, not everything at once – planning time provided
  • Ensure that each session starts by tackling the most difficult bits.
  • Plan to cover each subject several times and revisit each one near to the exams.
  • Revising with the TV or radio on or with loud music is not a good idea.
  • Reading is not generally enough. Making brief notes in either words or pictures helps them to remember. They should by now, know which way works best for them.
  • Have all the books they need to hand so they don’t have to go off looking for information.


During the exam period

Try to ensure that:

  • They get a good night’s sleep before exams.
  • They have all the equipment they need.
  • They know the start times of every exam that day.
  • You wish them well; tell them they have worked hard enough and that they can only do their best.

You can help by:

  • Recognising how important these exams are and how much time they will need if they are to do as well as they can.
  • Not asking them to do too many chores or look after younger brothers and sisters.
  • Encouraging the rest of the family to help by not disturbing revision.
  • Securing a quiet place for study, where their work can be safely kept.
  • Encouraging relaxation time (the continuous study is not helpful.)
  • Praising hard work.
  • Emphasising the need for plenty of sleep.
  • Helping them to forget about each exam as it is finished.
  • Reminding them that it will be worth it and will soon be over!
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