Governing Body Structure

Position Forename Surname
Chair Denise Morris
Vice Chair Steve  Dunsford
Headteacher Elaine Renavent
Clerk Janet Davison


Leadership, Staffing & Finance Safeguarding and Wellbeing Sub-Committee Teaching, Learning and Assesment Committee
Morris, D (Chair) Morris, D (Chair) Dunsford, S (Chair)
Dunsford, S Dunsford, S Morris, D
Renavent, E Collins, D Brown, D
Davison, J Hinchcliffe, P Kettleborough, M

Summary of Posts

Type of Governor No of Governors
Staff (HT) 1
Staff 2
Parent 2
Co-opted 5
Clerk 1
Name Category Responsibilities Financial Interests Business Interests Governance Rolls in Other Schools Date of Appointment Date of Stepping Down Who Appointed Them
Kettleborough, M Co-opted Teaching, Learning & Assessment None None  None 05/12/2010 Richards, A
Calvert, S Co-opted Chair of Governors Finance and Staffing
Training Governor
Safeguarding and Wellbeing
None TKMaxx  None Oct 2018 Richards, A
Jenkinson, C Co-opted Vice Chair
Finance and Staffing
 None  None  None 15/06/2016 16/01/2019 Calvert, S
Dunsford, S Co-opted Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Safeguarding and Wellbeing
None None None 01/02/2016 Calvert, S
Hinchcliffe, P Parent 1 Safeguarding and Wellbeing None None  None 18/01/2018 Calvert, S
Ahmed, A Parent Teaching, Learning and Assessment None None  None Oct 2018 Calvert, S
Renavent, E Headteacher Finance and Staffing None None  None Calvert, S
Brown, D Staff 1 Teaching, Learning and Assessment None None None 20/10/2015 Calvert, S
Davison, J Clerk None None Bramley Sunnyside Infant School Richards, A
Morris, D Co-opted Safeguarding and Wellbeing None None None Calvert, S
Collins, D Staff 2 None None None 18/01/2018 Calvert, S
Orsborn, M Co-opted Engie 16/01/2019 Morris, D
Kemp, L Co-opted RMBC 16/01/2019 Morris, D
Singleton, C Parent 2 None 16/01/2019 Morris, D
Cannon, D Co-opted 16/01/2019 Morris, D

The Clerk to the Governing Body is Mrs J.Davison (

Should you wish to contact the Clerk, please telephone the school on 01709 542147.