Key Stage 5 Results

Key Stage 5 Results:

We are committed to providing a comprehensive Level 3 programme with access to positive progression for all students at age 17 and 18, not only for Wickersley students, but for the broader Rotherham community to which we cater at Key Stage 5. Our entry requirements are not elitist, and selection for courses is based on ability to access the course and achieve positive outcome, and students are guided through these choices.



The University picture is changing and this year 21% of our students were given unconditional offers.  In most cases, we would discourage students from accepting such offers, as they can lead to low aspirations and a loss of purpose in Year 13.

Our students move on to very positive destinations, particularly those students who apply to the best universities.  29% of our students who finished their A levels in 2017 will attend a Russell Group university, which is 18% higher than the national average of 11%.   Another seven students gained Russell Group places, but chose to go elsewhere.


97% of out students who started studying with us finished their qualifications at the end of Year 13.


KS4 Average Point Score (APS) on entry:

On entry the APS at key stage 4 for our cohort has reduced in the last 5 years, meaning that our sixth form is becoming more inclusive. Our APS equates to an average of a grade B:

2017 45.65
 2016 46.84


Value added:

Key stage 5 data is assessed by a value-added score which shows how well students have progressed in comparison to students nationally with the same KS4 prior attainment.

This score is expressed as a proportion of a grade above or below national average.  +0.5 would be the equivalent to performance half a grade above average for the intake of the sixth form.

In 2017 our academic Value Added score was -0.03 and this places us a close to national average.  In light of the fact that we are a comprehensive sixth form with a relatively low entry requirement, a weaker cohort this year and an ethos of not leaving any student behind we are pleased with this result.

The vocational value added score is 0.28 which places us above national average.

Performance against targets:

Whole cohort:

A* % A*-A % A*-B % A*-C % A*-D % A*-E %
2015 3.7% 19.6% 41.9% 69.0% 90.0% 96.5%
2016 3.7% 22.0% 43.7% 70.1% 88.0% 96.8%
2017 6.0% 22.6% 46.9% 71.1% 89.5% 96.5%

2017 with a weaker cohort has seen an improvement in the higher *A grades as well as the A*-B and A*-C and A*-D grades.

We do not operate a policy of withdrawing students who have only a slim chance of gaining a grade E, as this of value to students.