KS5 Results

A-Level Results 2016

As with GCSEs there have been a lot of changes happening at Key Stage 5 and A levels have fewer resit opportunities. Two years ago students could take Summer and January exams, whereas last year students could only take exams in the Summer season of Year 12 and 13. This picture is changing again for the year ahead where many of our current Year 13 students will study linear exams with only the final exams in Year 13 counting towards their final grade. The University picture is also changing and this year we had 33% of our students with unconditional offers. During the course of the year this has become more and more of a concern to us as some students lost focus due to these offers. It looks likely that this will continue to be an issue next year as the cap on university places has gone and more and more universities are offering unconditional places. As a school we encourage our students to value the grades that they will put on their CV for the rest of their working life and would hope that students look further than just the next year ahead of them.

Year 13 Results 2016

As a sixth form our cohort size is growing with 226 students in year group Year 13 (205 2015) and there are more students than ever studying a mixture of A level and BTEC subjects.

Our UCAS average points score was 366 (371 2015) this equates to ABB and a B at AS. This is largely due to the breath of offer that students have, including EPQ and General studies as well as a 4th AS grade in Year 12.

Our QCA score was 894 (908 2015). The government has changed the way that this score is calculated this year making year on year comparisons meaningless.

We are a very inclusive sixth form with an entry requirement of 5 A*-C. Our cohort of student is changing and on entry the APS at Key Stage 4 for our cohort has reduced in the last 5 years. The average student APS equates to a B grade:

2015/16 46.84
2014/15 45.8
2013/14 46.83
2012/13 47.37
2011/12 51.34

Whole cohort:

Our A and A* results were better this year than ever before and our average grade for our vocational subjects was a Distinction *.

A* % A*-A % A*-B % A*-C % A*-D % A*-E %
2014 4.41% 20.41% 44.79% 71.51% 88.55% 96.33%
2015 3.72% 19.62% 41.92% 69% 90% 96.54%
2016 3.75% 22.00% 43.70% 70.10% 88.04% 96.80%

Our retention percentage was 91.67%

University Applications and Destinations

85% of our students secured a place at their first choice of university this last year.

21% of our applicants will attend a Russell Group university, the national average is 11%
47% of students applied to at least one Russell Group University.
Of the students who applied to Russell Group universities, 75% got an offer.
27 Students received an offer for Russell Group but declined it (this amounts to 29% of Russell Group applicants then turned down the offer they received).  Approximately 14 of those 27 eventually got the grades to meet their Russell Group offer and could have gone.  Of those 27, 12 turned down the Russell Group university for an Unconditional Offer. (13% of Russell Group applicants).
Of the 12 students who turned down Russell Group for an unconditional offer, 7 got the grades to meet their Russell Group offer.
We are really good at getting the students in to Russell Group Universities (75% get offers) but students are making conservative choices. If we factor in the 14 students who could have gone to Russell Group this year and didn’t, we’d have 28% of students in Russell Group Universities. If the local average is 11% of applicants to Russell group; 13% of our cohort had an offer which they turned down. We are turning down more offers than other centres are getting at all.
All of our students who didn’t secure a place at University have secured an employment opportunity.

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