Bonding Hearts ❤️
Art & Textiles
Thursday 13th February 2020

The Year 7 and 8 students attending Fashion and Textiles extracurricular after school club have recently completed a charity project making baby bonding hearts for the NeoNatal unit at Jessops hospital. The hearts are made to help bond parents and premature babies.

When admitted to NICU, two bonding hearts are put in each infant feeding pack given to families. Mum wears one heart next to her skin and the other one is placed next to the baby to transfer their smell on them, then they are swapped over regularly. Swapping the fabric hearts regularly can help to get mums, dads and babies used to each other’s scent during the difficult days and weeks when they are unable to hold or cuddle each other. The idea can also help to produce the hormones needed to aid breastfeeding. The hearts can then be cherished for many years.

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