Cambridge: Inspiration
Monday 11th February 2019

It was a ‘touch of magic’ when our students were invited to have lunch in ‘The Great Hall’ at Homerton College – The University of Cambridge – as it was being prepared for a forthcoming formal ‘Harry Potter’ dinner.

This formed the highlight of a recent Year 10 visit to the college during which students explored the range of courses available at Cambridge and other Universities and began to research and plan their A-Level choices should they wish to eventually go to University.

As well as academic activities including debating and presenting topics we also had a look at student accommodation and facilities and got to meet ‘Fudge’ the resident hamster in the Student Union office at Homerton. Our students found it a very welcoming college.

Celebrating it’s 250th anniversary this year Homerton is one of the youngest colleges at Cambridge.  It is a link college for schools in Rotherham and our partnership with HEPPSY+ enabled us to provide transport for students to make the most of this opportunity.

For more information visit the Homerton College Website

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