Future Proof 💼
Thursday 3rd December 2020

Future proof? What jobs will there be in the future?
Maybe you would like to teach people how to fly a helicopter on a daily basis? A solar or wind technician specialising in renewable energy? Rehabilitation counsellor? A food technician that creates new types of food that taste really good and are good for us? How can you prepare for a future that might be so different? The good news is that you already are, read onto see what your future might hold.

The current pandemic has fast-tracked the fourth industrial revolution as we embed technology more and more into our everyday lives:

Skills which will be important in the future include:

• Computer or “tech-savvy” skills, such as coding. These will become even more important as machines become increasingly capable.
• Data literacy to use and understand the “big data” which machines produce.
• Emotional intelligence required to effectively collaborate with and lead others.
• Cultural and global awareness as it is likely that people will increasingly be working with people from around the world due to increased globalisation and technological progress. Speaking other languages will also help with this.
• Resilience and adaptability in a world where change is the only certainty. For example, the ability to cope with change by developing new skills for a new job or task.
• Taking responsibility for your own learning to develop necessary skills. This will require a process of life-long learning where school never ends. People will have longer working lives, and different jobs rather than a job for life.
• Networking
• Communication
• Creativity & innovation
• Critical thinking
• Entrepreneurship
• Growth mindset
• Problem solving
• Self-awareness

Have a think about what the future might mean! Some of these quotes are interesting.

Parental Guide – 20 Top Jobs of the Future

For the local area, the biggest growth of jobs will be in health care, social care and specialist engineering. Take a look to see what’s going on job-wise in our area now and use this to help you make decisions about your future.

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