MOSAIC Mentoring Success
Thursday 19th July 2018

MOSAIC mentoring is a programme created by the Princes Trust which links young people in schools to volunteer mentors from the world of business.

For the last six months,a group of Year 10 students at Wickersley school have had the opportunity to take part in this programme.  Aeeseal in Rotherham have released staff to complete their training with the Prices Trust and deliver a number of sessions at school carrying out team challenges and positive activities with the students involved.  Students have been helped to improve: communication, working with others, setting and achieving goals, confidence and reliability –  all brilliant goals in themselves but also all the key attributes that future employers will be looking for in our students.

During the programme we were able to take part in a ‘world of work’ visit to Aesseal during which students had talks from various employees at Aeeseal, a look at the factory floor and also the chance to take apart and rebuild a seal – not as easy as it looks!

During our final session this week we were lucky to work with Steve Judge and hear about his inspiring journey from a road traffic accident after which he was told he would never walk again to becoming a gold medal European champion in triathlon.

Student evaluation shows that there has been plenty of inspiring work going on and that students most valued the ongoing support of their mentor.

Thank you to Aeeseal and the Princes Trust for all their work in supporting this programme at our school – and to Liam and Oliver in the photo who are Wickersley alumni students currently employed at Aesseal inspiring this generation to succeed.


Mosaic Network – Secondary School Programme

AESSEAL Apprenticeships

Steve Judge


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