Operation X
Tuesday 24th July 2018

A team from the RAF were in school last week working with groups of Year 10 students on ‘Operation X’. The activity gave our students the opportunity to take part in an RAF mission as though they were a part of the RAF themselves.

Working in teams alongside serving RAF personnel the students really enjoyed looking at real-life scenarios they may find themselves part of in this line of work.

The resources they used ranged from logbooks to ipads to video broadcasts. Students developed many skills throughout the activity using their initiative to solve problems and interpret the range of information they were given.

The activities were designed in a way that students were faced with problems they had not seen before, they had to use both intelligence information and apply logic and maths skills to solve these problems and find the best solution based on the information they were given.

Thank you to Sgt Tregunno and the RAF team who came to Wickersley School and were so positive and supportive to our students sharing advice, their own career stories and helping them to enjoy and achieve.


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