Wentworth Woodhouse Welcomes Wickersley!
Friday 17th May 2019

35 year 8 and 9 students recently attended an enterprise activity day at Wentworth Woodhouse with the remit of identifying and developing projects that would engage young people in the future of the house and contribute to the wider community.

The feedback from the business people, staff and volunteers present was amazing:

“The children were fantastic today – we were even discussing the WOAHchella group taking part in the big music events that we do to give them some hands on, real life experience in events organising as they were SO enthusiastic! I like how in their feedback they say things like ‘making history cool’ and they worked so hard to produce really great ideas – amazing what they can do when given freedom over their decisions and creativity. Please pass on what a credit to the school they were.”
Jen Wall

Wentworth and Elsecar Together –


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