WSSC Alumni Keyworker Heroes
Tuesday 26th May 2020

We have our final group of Wickersley Schools Alumni who are supporting us as a community and people throughout the country as keyworkers on the front line, fighting this pandemic.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our articles over the last few weeks and to everyone supporting us at this current time!

If you missed out on last week’s keyworkers take a look at the article here.

Courtney Kettell

“I left Wickersley Sixth Form in 2017 after completing my A -levels and I am now a third-year student nurse studying at the University of York. Although, most of my time at university was spent in York Hospital and the surrounding areas, I was instructed to move back home when this COVID-19 pandemic came about.

When my University gave me the option to ‘Opt-in’ my natural response was to help out in any way possible. I am now an Aspirant Nurse at Northern General Hospital and aim to help all of the amazing NHS staff, currently under immense pressure and stress. Opting in gives me the opportunity to complete my degree on time; this is of great importance to me as I am hoping to join the British Army in 2021. I could not have done this, however, without the amazing support of my family and friends.

Nursing is my passion and I cannot think of a more rewarding career; I could not be prouder of my colleagues in this unprecedented time. Stay safe everyone.”

Tom Atkinson

I left Wickersley School and Sports College in 2013 after finishing my A-Levels. I then went on to study Medicine at Sheffield University, I was there for six years and graduated in July 2019 with two degrees, a BMedSci Cons (research degree) and MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery.)

I gained a job in North West London where I moved to live and work in August 2019. I’m at Northwick Park Hospital, which has had the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the UK. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, I’ve been on the front line as part of a medical team on COVID Wards, assessing patients, making and instigating management plans on the ward, communicating with families and managing very ill patients. Part of the role is being on-call, working long hours and being first on the scene to acutely unwell patients. This is both emotionally and physically stressful, being physically challenging which means I need a healthy balance of lifestyle, making time to exercise; I’ll often go for a run before work and taking time to unwind.

Being directly involved in front line care is very rewarding, having this responsibility is a privilege. We as doctors are figuring this virus out as we go along, using all knowledge we have from school to university, utilising skills gained at school right up to now, using these skills to do a good job and see tasks through to the end and complete these tasks well.

Courtney Kettell - Aspirant Nurse
Tom Atkinson - Doctor
Emma Cleminson - Student Assistant Clinical Psychologist
Kira Broadhead - Student Nurse

Emma Cleminson

“After seven years at Wickersley in 2018, I left to study Psychology at Newcastle University. Now 21, after studying two years of my degree I am on a placement year as a Student Assistant Clinical Psychologist within the Health Psychology Department in the North Cumbria NHS. We help people to manage their physical health symptoms and cope with their diagnoses, to hopefully increase their quality of life.

Recently part of my role has been adapting our service to be able to provide our work virtually – for example, I have built a new service website and created COVID-19 related, and non-COVID-19 resources to go on this website. We have also set up a staff support network for all our NHS colleagues, and I have extended my placement until September to be able to support the development of a new COVID-19 rehabilitation pathway. This will involve supporting the many who have been affected by the pandemic to live happier and healthier lives. I have just been nominated as placement student of the year at my university and I am very proud to be part of the NHS at this time. I look forward to pursuing the pathway to becoming a fully trained clinical psychologist afterwards. I can’t thank Wickersley School enough for giving me the best foundations to build upon and instilling skills such as collaboration, independence, organisation and resilience. In particular, I would like to thank the Psychology department who sparked my love for this area of work.”

Kira Broadhead

“I attended both secondary education and sixth form at Wickersley School and Sports College. After leaving in 2018, I enrolled in adult nursing at the University of Sheffield and I am now in my second year.

I have recently opted in to take part in an extended placement to help relieve pressures during the pandemic. I am currently working on a stroke rehabilitation unit and loving every second of it.

Despite these hard times, it has been amazing to see how the NHS has come together and deliver outstanding care to all patients. This is something I am extremely proud to be a part of.”

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