Resistant Materials goes Art Deco
Design & Technology
Monday 4th April 2016

The Y11 GCSE Resistant Materials students are nearing their coursework deadline, which makes up 60% of their overall grade (a written exam in June makes up the remaining 40%). Current year 11 students have researched, designed and manufactured an Art Deco inspired docking station. This has involved researching the theme, looking at existing products and understanding the electronic components needed to provide the sound quality. Using this research students have produced a range of different designs which have been developed through modelling, testing materials, manufacturing processes and using ICT CAD packages to design the final product.

As you can see in the photographs, students have manufactured high quality outcomes which have been driven through accurate use of Computer Aided Manufacturing processes such as the use of the laser cutter. All of the docking stations are fully functioning and are a credit to the students’ hard work!

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