146 Y7 Students Achieve 1st Place in Effort Ranking
Effort Awards
Thursday 23rd March 2017

146 Y7 Students Achieved 1st Place (Effort Ranking No.1) 2nd Collection

What a fantastic result for Year 7!. 146 students achieved 1st place in the Effort Ranking 2nd Collection, this is almost half the year group!  Our record of 108 has been beaten.  Year 7s have now set the challenge – can any other year group beat 146?
Bethany Allen, Charlotte Allen, Elise Allen, Isabella Allen, Ellie Ashby, Adam Ashley, Aleena Asif, Zoe Ayscough, Luqman Azam, Aimie Ball, Megan Bannon, Madeline Barker, Emily Barrett, Olivia Bartholomew, Neve Bartle, Emily Bath, Tilly Mae Bellis, Leah Bennett, Daisy Bishop, Faye Blakemore, Annie Bolton, Jess Bown-Beesley, Bethan Brackenbury, Liesel Bradbury, Brooke Brailsford, Libby Bray, Jacob Brown, Thomas Brown, Lucy Bunclark, Emily Buttler, Alfie Buxton, Roma Cartlidge, Tayler Casey, Maisie Caudwell, Sophie Chandley, Shaniece Chitiyo, Matthew Cleary, Brooke Coldwell, Amelia Connelly, Ethan Cooper, Ellie Cotterill, Evie Cray, Hollie Crookes, Emily Curson, Olivia Davenport, Charlotte Davies, Aaron Dhaday, Georgia Dixon, Lucy Ellis, Owen Fells, Charlie Ferguson, Beatrice Ferris, Ashleigh Firth, Taylor Forshaw, Siena Forth, Eleanor Frith, Margareta Gal, Grace Gill, Julia Goral, Jessica Gray, Madison Greenway, Rebecca Gregory, James Hardeman, Megan Harpham, Sally Hathaway, Kayden Hawkins, Jack Hedge, Dylan Hobman, Keira Hocknull, Thomas Hogarth, Daniel Horner, Ruby Howarth, Haaniah Hussain, Charlie Jackson, Ellie Jarvis, Finlay Jennings, Jack Jepson, Olivia Johnson, Mackenzie Jones, Nimra Khan, Safa Khan, Vratko Korabsky, Hannah Kosar, Isabel Lee, Jacob Lee, Paige Lees, Michaela Liceon, Sienna Lightfoot, Callum Lund, Aamina Malik, Lewis Maltby, Amy Marriott, Jack Mayfield, Sarah Mccann, Haydon Milner, Ellie Mitchell, Dylan Morgan, Jaime Mosley, Lily Moss, Quinn Napper, Clem Nash-Ruffell, Shannon Newton, Kya Nicholls, Morgan North, Charlotte Orsborn, Alyssia Osborne, Henrietta Parkin, Ellie Place, Becky Price, Niamh Priest, Joe Quarta, Ben Radcliffe, Eden Ray, Milly Raybould, Heidi Rodgers, Reuben Roebuck, Lucy Sanders, Lauren Senior, Jenna Seyboth, Falaq-Noor Shah, Katie Shortt, Jemima Simpson, Madison Smith, Lucy Statham-Lovell, Louise Tasker, Grace Taylor, Amelia Thomson, Zara Titley, Grace Torr, Emily Underwood, Codie Vernon, Katie Viggars, Isabelle Walker, Charley Walsh, Aidan Ward, Isobel Ward, Jessica Warnes, Thea Welsh, Mary White, Ellie Wild, Grace Wildin, Henrietta Wood, Destiny Worrall, Charlotte Yates, Eesa Younas, Romesa Zia.


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