CFP Celebration 🎉
Effort Awards
Friday 21st July 2017

Well done to KS3 students who achieved 11 or more ‘Cause for Praises’ and no ‘Cause for Concerns’ from Spring Bank to Summer Holiday.

 In alphabetical CfP order are:

Nicole Abbott, Skyla Ainley, Charlotte Allen, Elise Allen, Aleena Asif, Caitlin Bagnall, Madeline Barker, Ruby Barrett, Neve Bartle, Lucia Bird, Robert Birtles, Daisy Bishop, Faye Boulby-Allen, Morgan Boynton, Libby Bray, Vaughan Broadhead, Maisie Calise, Joe Cant, Abbie Casey, Sophie Claxton, Ben Connealy, Olivia Cooper, Amelia Cowie, Olivia Crerar, Hollie Crookes, Jack Crosthwaite, Isobel Culf, Emily Curson, Thomas Day, Aaron Dhaday, Molly-Mae Dufty, Lydia Dulley, Mitchell Eaton, Lucy Elliott, Lucy Ellis, Luke Ellison, Owen Fells, Beatrice Ferris, Charley Finlayson, Ashleigh Firth, Miroslav Gabor, Lewis Gaynor, Joshua Gilbert, Evie Gillott, Julia Goral, Jessica Gray, Ellie Habbin, Alana Hands, Abigail Hardwick,  Marni Harris, Shayla Hayden, Finlay Helliwell, Abigail Hill, Dylan Hobman, Benjamin Hodgson, Ruby Howarth, Lana Hunt, Haaniah Hussain, Haiqah Hussain, Bethan James, Holly James, Ellie Jarvis, Adam Jenkins, Jack Jepson, Ebony John, Abigail Johnson, Oliver Johnson, Olivia Johnson, Hashim Khan, Ella Kilcommons, Kelsey Lavill, Jacob Lee, Chloe Linaker, Eleanor Longden-Plant, Eleanor Lord, Sophie Makings, Alicia Matthews, Jack Mayfield, Ethan McCurry, Dylan Morgan, Jaime Mosley, Katie Mountain, Faatimah Munir, Idrees Munir, Devon Napper, Olivia Naughton, Samuel O’Neill, Harry Openshaw, Henrietta Parkin, Becky Price, Niamh Priest, Joe Quarta, Milly Raybould, Olivia Rebori, Luke Richardson, Emily Riley, Lucy Roberts, Madison Rowe, Beth Scanlon, George Shaw, Matthew Shaw, Kimberly Sikhosana, Jemima Simpson, Benjamin Smith, Scarlett Swann, Emily Tasker, Ellie Thomas, Finn Thompson, Morgan Tipple, Matthew Towers, Jasmine Tukpe, Jessica Tukpe, Emily Underwood, Harriet Ventour, Katie Viggars, Rosie Wagstaff,    Isabelle Walker, Logan Walker, Maddison Walker, Benjamin Wallis, Jessica Warnes, Thea Welsh, Freya Wilson, Erin Wood, Joe Wood, Olivia Wood, Holly Wright, Megan Yeates, Robyn Young.

Special Mention goes to Abbie Casey and Munir Idrees for achieving the highest count of 24 CFP’s

Well done everyone!

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