CFP Celebration
Effort Awards
Thursday 9th May 2019

Very well done to all Year 7 and Year 8 students who achieved 18 or more ‘Cause for Praises’ with no ‘Cause for Concerns’ from February Half Term up to Easter.

Special Mention to Megan Beal who achieved the highest of 34 CFP’s and to Freya Harrison with 33 CFP’s – Fantastic!

Zachary Allen, Jake Bannon, Sophie Barber, Megan Beal, Darcy Beech, Laini Brown, Mollie Buckley, Jasmine Bull, Tyler Butler, Melanie Caudwell, Faith Coley, Logan Cooke, Hannah Croker, Gracie Croker, Izzy Crookes, Alex Dixon, Holly Earl, George Ellis, Charlie Fields, Sophie Gabbitas, Connie Goodlad, Maddison Hair, Libby Harris, Freya Harrison, Emily Harvey, Jennifer Haycox, Ruby-Jo Haywood, Layna Holden, Jay Hollingworth, Cora Jones, Thomas Kemp, Aurelia Kent, Harry Marshall, Lydia Martin, Olivia Mason, George Mitchell, Elise Morgan, Amy Munday, Adam Nazir, Grace Newbould, Ruby O’Carroll, James Penalver, Caryse Ratcliffe, Thomas Read, Martha Roper, Hannah Rudge, Olivia Smith, Amaya Staley, Ellie Tipple, Ben Tyler, Faqer Ulla, Lucy Waite, Doris Wang, Mark Watson, William Welburn, Lexi Westley, Isabelle Whelan, Caitlin Wheldon, Nile Whitehouse, Archie Whittaker, Maddy Wild, Mazie Wilkinson, Olivia Willows, Hannah Worsdall, Tiarna Worsley, Zobia Zia.

Well done everyone!

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