Y10 Effort Awards
Effort Awards
Friday 19th February 2016

38 Y10 Students achieved 1st Place (No. 1 in the Effort Ranking) 3rd Collection.

In Alphabetical Order: Holly ADAMS, Darcie AULD, Samantha BARKER, Holly BROWN, Scarlet BUCKLAND, Jessica BURTON, Harvey CARTLIDGE, Ruby CHALK, Isabelle COULSON, Ella CROWLEY, Aisha FAWCETT, Lucy FENWICK, Alexandra GERAGHTY, Nadiyah GHAFOOR, Thomas GURRAN, Bethany HAYES, Florence HILL, Lucy HORNER, Jade JENNISON, Millie KLIK, Abbie LEE, Amie MARSHALL, Scarlett MILLS,Nicole MYERS, Niamh NICHOLLS, Georgia OXLEY, Patric PLATTS, Cyane ROBINSON, Alex ROPER, Annabel SHIEL, Rebekah SMITH, Brooke SPENCER, Olivia TOMLINSON, Isabel TSANG, Jasmine WATERS, Ruby WELDON, Morgan WELSH, Elodie WILD.


9   Y10 Students Moved Up 100+ Places in the 3rd Collection.

In Alphabetical Order: Kirk BIRD, Thomas BROUGHTON, Molly DILKS, Nathan MOORE, Elle RODDIS, Samuel SMITH, Jessica STABLES.

9 y10 movers-2

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