Y10 Effort Awards
Effort Awards
Monday 12th October 2015

30 Y10 students achieved 1st place (No. 1 in the effort ranking) 1st collection

In Alphabetical Order: BAKER Kyle, BARKER Samantha, BUCKLAND Scarlet, BURTON Jessica, CHALK Ruby, COULSON Isabelle, GHAFOOR Nadiyah, HARRIS Mia, HAYES Bethany, HILL Florence, HORNER Lucy, HOWCROFT Nicholas, JENNISON Jade, JONES Ava, KLIK Millie, LANKENAU Joshua, LEE Abbie, MASON Abigail, MORTON Sophie, PEACH Connor, RAWLIN Jack, ROBINSON Cyane, ROEBUCK Isabelle, SHIEL Annabel, SMITH Megan, SMITH Rebekah, SPENCER Brooke, SWANN Ellie, WARD Danielle, WATERS Jasmine

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