Year 11 Celebration of Effort
Effort Awards
Friday 5th May 2017

Celebrations in ‘Photobooth’ style for year 11 students achieving No.1 in the Effort Ranking for 5th Collection.

Special Mention goes to Scarlet Buckland, Isabelle Coulson and Bethany Hayes who achieved No.1 the highest number of times Y7 – Y11.

Presented by the Headteacher, the students received a Certificate and a £50 Meadowhall Gift Voucher.

 Holly Adams, Zain Ahmed, Jack Ashby, Darcie Auld, Elaine Avdurramani, Samantha Barker, Neve Bracken, Carla Broadhead, Jade Brooks, Thomas Broughton, Holly Brown, Jordan Brunt, Scarlet Buckland, Owen Buckley, Jessica Burton, Harvey Cartlidge, Ruby Chalk, Erin Clarke, Annabell Coggan, Isabelle Coulson, Daniel Critchley, Joseph Dickinson, Molly Dilks, Aisha Fawcett, Oliver Fells, Lucy Fenwick, Nadiyah Ghafoor, Lauren Grant, Thomas Gurran, Elina Hall, Bethany Hayes, Florence Hill, Joseph Hodgson, Lucy Horner, Nicholas Howcroft, Amber Hudd, Morgan Hulley, Katy Hunt, Jade Jennison, Ava Jones, Megan Jones, Charlie Kendall, Millie Kirby, Joshua Lankenau, Hollie Lanty, Abbie Lee, John Mallen, Amie Marshall, Poppy Mcvann, Sophie Morton, Nicole Myers, Niamh Nicholls, Caitlin Niven, Georgia Oxley, Connor Peach, Erika Pinkney, Taaiaba Rahim, Jack Rawlin, Becky Richmond, Cyane Robinson, Alex Roper, Ellie Scholey-Strzala, Annabel Shiel, James Smith, Megan Smith, Rebekah Smith, Brooke Spencer, Joe Steer, Matthew Stevens, Chloe Stringfellow, Ellie Swann, Chloe Taha, Isabel Tsang, Thomas David Turner, Jasmine Waters, Ruby Weldon, Morgan Welsh, Elodie Wild, Erin Wood.

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