Year 7 Boys’ Incentive League
Effort Awards
Monday 7th August 2017

Twelve Year 7 students took part in the Boys’ Incentive League. For the last 7 weeks, the students have been working hard and competing against each other by earning points for CFPs, achieving a full weeks’ attendance, being fully equipped for school and setting and meeting their own weekly targets. Lots of points were achieved each week in the competition for the top of the leader board.

The overall winners of the league were, in 1st place, Jake Edwards; in 2nd place, Callum Locking and 3rd place was Samuel Shearstone.

Certificates were also given to Callum Locking for always bringing his equipment, Lewis Hollin for not receiving any CFCs and Jake Edwards for notching up the most CFPs, with a grand total of 15 altogether!

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