Year 9 CFP Celebration
Effort Awards
Monday 20th May 2019

Very well done to all Year 9 students who achieved 11 or more ‘Cause for Praises’ with no ‘Cause for Concerns’ from February Half Term up to Easter.

Roma Cartlidge, Lucy Ellis, Olivia Bartholomew, Lucy Bunclark, Morgan North, Neve Bartle, Ruby Howarth, Ellie Jarvis, Charlotte Allen, Bilal Hussain, Raheem Malik, Reuben Roebuck, Oliver Auld, Safa Khan, Katrina Tattershall, Hollie Crookes, Aamina Malik, Callum Strike, Kacey Thomas, Ellie Wild, Faye Blakemore, Alfie Buxton, Julia Goral, Charlotte Orsborn, Jenna Seyboth, Bethany Allen, Sienna Lightfoot, Kya Nicholls, Ellie Place, Niamh Priest, Brogan Atkinson, Katie Viggars, Elise Allen, Megan Bannon, Maisie Caudwell, Nimra Khan, Emily Curson, Madison Hodgson, Heidi Rodgers, Louise Tasker, Evie Cray, Quinn Napper, Becky Price, Scarlett Swann, Lucy Sanders, Haaniah Hussain, Milly Raybould, Robyn Young.

Special Mention to Sienna Lightfoot who achieved the highest of 23 CFPs – Fantastic!

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