World Book Day 2020
Friday 13th March 2020

On Friday 6th March, we celebrated World Book Day. Several teachers dressed up as famous literary characters: English teachers dressed as heroes and heroines, humanities teachers dressed as fairytale characters, science teachers celebrated Harry Potter and drama teachers donned orange boiler suits to become Holes characters. The English faculty also organised a bake sale and several competitions to celebrate the day. This included a ‘Reading in unusual places’ competition which produced some very creative responses.

Congratulations to our winners:

Decorated Doors 🚪 – 9D and Hearing Impaired Department
World Book Day Quiz ❓ – 7S and 10C – who had to go to a knockout round!
Reading in an Unusual Place 📖 – George Beevers in Y7 and Mrs Mason!

Literature Decorated Doors

Staff Fancy Dress

Drama Staff
English Staff
Humanities Staff

Bake Sale

Reading in Unusual Places Winners

George Beevers
Mrs Mason

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