Caring for the School Environment
Friday 21st July 2017

Y8 students have recently completed a Geography investigation into the school environment. Many students combined their excellent Geographical skills and ​understanding with a real commitment to improving the look and feel of the school. They completed their data collection around the school site and ​analysed their results carefully to figure out what the issues are with our local environment. They then came up with a series of practical solutions which they have discussed in year council meeting with Mr Willert.

Special praise needs to go to the following students who showed an outstanding level of effort in completing their ​investigation and showed a real commitment to improving their environment, showing an excellent sense of community. They showed excellent team work skills to complete the data collection and brilliant determination to complete their work to the very best of their ability. Well done!

The students are:-

Lahana Vardy
Bethan Carter
Emily Tasker
Max Worth
Lucy Roberts
Florence Davidson
Jenna O’Malley
Imogen Woodley
Abbie Casey
Daniel Burton
Madison Sheppard
Millie Ducker
Madison Hoggard
Lily Wright
Ellie Abrahams
Aidan Stacey
Katie Nixon
Madison Rowe

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