Year 11 Visit Flamborough ⚓️
Thursday 14th September 2017

Year 11 Geography students spent Monday and Tuesday this week on their long awaited Geography trip to Flamborough and Hornsea. Weather warnings were issued on the day of the trips, however, we received the best of the weather and both days turned out to be pleasant.

Students were looking into the features of erosion at Flamborough such as caves, arches, stacks and stumps, before having a pebble skimming competition in the sea-which Brad Neighbour impressed us with and the most impressive pebble which Lucy Hobman and Jayden Malhi won. After finishing at Flamborough we moved onto Hornsea.

As part of the GCSE course students have to investigate the success of coastal management strategies on the resort. Their time was spent measuring sediment accumulation on groynes, before having an opportunity for a short paddle in the icy sea and fish and chips.

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