Amazing History Homework!
Thursday 18th June 2020

We have had some amazing History work produced by Louis Thompson in Y9, we have started to look at World War One and trench warfare during History lessons at home. He even wrote what he did using Historical detail!

“The trenches were made in a zigzag pattern, this was so if the enemy was to capture a part of the trench they wouldn’t be able to shoot down the line of trenches. My model shows a British trench under attack by German forces. It shows barbed wire and sandbags which are ways to defend the trench against enemy attack.
In my model, you can see a crater made by a shell explosion, which is being used by a German soldier for cover while crossing No Man’s Land. Conditions were poor in the British trenches, as shown by the puddle on the trench floor and a rat.

I made the trench using foam, plaster of paris, clay, wire and toothpicks. As shown by the images it was made in three sections. Two sections were the walls of the trench, and the third section was No Man’s Land.”

What a fantastic effort Louis!

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