History in Action!
Monday 21st November 2016

The History department recently took students from years 11, 12, and 13 for a taste of higher education at Warwick University. The students participated in a ‘History in Action’ event at the university, in preparation for their GCSE and A-Level exams. The group were treated to five lectures from leading historians on topics including; the impact of World War One on Germany, the Weimar Republic, and the use of propaganda and terror in Nazi Germany. The teachers were particularly excited to hear a lecture from the famous (by historian standards) and published historian, Sir Richard Evans! It was a great experience for the students to be taught in a university lecture theatre and while many found the experience challenging and daunting at first, all agreed they had learned a lot during the day. The students were also lucky enough to visit the university on the same day the Students’ Union was hosting a street food market, and were able to spend some time exploring the campus during their lunch break. It was a fantastic opportunity for helping the students understand the content of their exam courses a little more, but also for giving them a taste of what university life has to offer!

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