Year 9 Holocaust Visit
Tuesday 14th January 2020

In December, a group of Year 9 students visited The National Holocaust Centre & Museum in Nottinghamshire to find out more about the Holocaust, a world defining topic that they have been studying in History lessons.

When students arrived at the centre they were given the opportunity to explore the permanent exhibition dedicated to teaching children about the Holocaust. Furthermore, students experienced the beautifully landscaped memorial gardens and took part in the Jewish memorial tradition of placing a stone on the ever-changing memorial sculpture to aid remembrance and encourage personal responsibility and the promotion of fairness and justice.

Our students were given the opportunity and privilege to listen to Holocaust survivor Arek Hersh who passionately told his survivor testimony and shared with students a personal and touching account of his life, even showing the tattoo of the number, B7608, that he was given in Auschwitz. The students were deeply touched by this unforgettable experience and left with a sense of the importance of stamping out injustice in our community and treating all with respect.

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