Year 9 Time Travel to 1914 with The Help of Dr. Who!
Tuesday 4th October 2016

In History lessons last week our Year 9 classes were transported back in time to see if they could work out the main reason that World War One broke out. The students used scripted dramas to learn about the story of school pupils, Mickey and Rose, who travelled in Dr. Who’s tardis to examine the events that led to war breaking out. The students were able to re-enact the causes of World War One including the alliance system, the Moroccan and Bosnian Crises and the assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand.


We had some fantastic actors and actresses who really got into the spirit of things- not to mention some surprisingly convincing and sometimes hilarious attempts at French, German and Russian accents! All the students will be able to use their experience of this activity to help them in an upcoming assessment, and all agreed it made the information more memorable to see their classmates acting out the facts! Well done Year 9!



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