Religious Studies Places of Worship Trip
Wednesday 26th February 2020

Year 9 and 10 Religious Studies students recently visited Madina Masjid and Highfield Trinity Church in Sheffield.

We started the day with a guided tour of the mosque; students were able to see first hand ritual washing (wudu) and various parts of the mosque including the prayer halls.The tour was very informative and students were able to ask many questions about what they saw and also things they had learned about in the classroom.

Madina Masjid
Highfield Trinity Church

We then took a short walk down the road to Highfield Trinity Methodist Church and students were able to see first hand the interfaith relationships between the mosque and church – with the Christian minister himself often visiting the mosque for Friday prayers.

Students were then able to look around the church and learn how different features are used during Christian worship.  Students also had the opportunity to speak to members of the church congregation and enjoyed learning about how the church has evolved over the years and now acts as a worship space for different Christian groups and a social space for the local community.

The experience was very informative for students and brought their learning to life by allowing them to see things they directly learn about throughout their GCSE course.

The Religious Studies department would like to extend a big thank you to the volunteers at both Madina Masjid and Highfield Trinity Church for making us feel so welcome during our visits.

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