Year 12 Visit The Buddhist Centre
Friday 13th March 2020

Year 12 Religious Studies students recently visited The Buddhist Centre in Sheffield; a centre run by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. The day included different aspects of Buddhist teachings which started with the students taking part in a seminar on the ‘3 Jewels of Buddhism’ and the basic teachings that are found across all types of Buddhism.

We also revisited a topic that the students were familiar with from lessons earlier on in their A Level course: The Buddha’s biography. Students were asked questions based on a piece of Buddhist artwork that helped them recap the story and key themes from the religion.

Students then took part in a workshop where they could interact with different types of Buddhist artefacts and learn more about their uses within the different branches of Buddhism.

Students were also able to learn more about meditation and mindfulness by taking part in two different types of meditation led by Rick & Sanghagita.

The whole experience was very informative for students and brought their learning to life by allowing them to see things they directly learn about throughout their A Level course.

The Religious Studies department would like to extend a big thank you to the Sheffield Buddhist Centre for making us feel so welcome during our visit.

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