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ICT & Computing
Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Check out what our Key Stage 3 students and coding club students have been up to in their IT lessons recently. 

Year 7
This half term has been a busy time for Year 7 which began with the rollout of Chromebooks in mid September. With this in mind, in lessons students were introduced to their Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education – a suite of communication and collaboration tools for learning. Next half term students learn more about e-safety such as, using the Internet in a safe way and about the various ways on how to report any concerns to staff in school.

Year 8
This half term students have been introduced to Data Modelling using spreadsheets. Students have learned about how data models can be used to represent real-life situations and how changes to a data model can affect the outcome. The module has also helped students learn spreadsheet formatting and development skills which are essential in today’s education and workplace.

Creative Computing Club (Years 7, 8 and 9)
This half term the Creative Coding Club have been learning how to code in Python. Students have been learning how to code simple games such as Turtle race and are currently working on writing a program for a convincing AI Chatbot.

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