Maths in Action!
Tuesday 9th July 2019

On Friday 5th July, Miss Weatherill and Miss Pendle took 30 Y8 pupils to Doncaster Racecourse to see some maths in action! It was an action-packed day and pupils had exclusive access to all areas of the racecourse including the weighing room, the stables and the parade ring.

Pupils engaged in a variety of learning activities throughout the day. Using their measuring and maths skills in the parade ring, pupils calculated how many horses can safely parade at any one time.
In the Weighing Room pupils used their numeracy skills to explore the effect of weight on performance, even weighing their own teachers to see if they could ever make it as a professional jockey!
On the track, the focus switched to race distances, the use of metric and imperial measurements and the geometry & construction of the hurdles and fences.

In the afternoon, pupils watched a number of horse races from both their exclusive VIP box and one right at the side of the track! Here they were able to see the practical application of what they had learnt in the morning on race performance. It was an excellent day, thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike.

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