Maths Revision Challenge
Friday 19th July 2019

In June, pupils of Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 took part in a Revision Challenge to prepare for their End of Year Maths Assessments. Pupils were set tasks online, and they had to complete as many as possible to gain rewards. All years rose to the challenge and a remarkable amount of revision was completed across the board.

Many pupils across the year groups completed 100% of their task and some even moved on to an extension task. This is an outstanding achievement and all of the Maths Department have been overwhelmed by the dedication and independence these pupils have demonstrated.

A special mention must also go to the top pupils in Y7 and 8: Zachary Allen, Mark Watson, Maddison Lees, Thomas Kemp, David Walton, Sanjula Saini, Olivia Shaw, Theo Coulson, Oliver Fields, Olivia Galloway, Phoebe Norris, Lucy Rebori, Olivia Smith, Amber Walker, Libby Cauldwell, Alex Dixon, Jacob Catto, Blake Hirst and Warren Lawrence. These pupils received a certificate and some were lucky enough to receive a £5 reward for their exceptional effort and work ethic. The top 2 classes in Year 7 and 8, received a cake lesson which was enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike!

Another huge congratulations to Y9 and 10, with students gaining raffle tickets for the number of tasks they completed and the following students successfully being drawn from the raffle winning a £5 or £10 reward. Ellie Jarvis, Alex Ball, Ellie Cotterill, Charlotte Orsborn, Danielle Jessop, Charlotte Davies, Charlotte Allen, William Daley, Tilly Mae Bellis, Heidi Rodgers, Olivia Cooper, Dylan Bird, Joshua O’Sonya, Ellie Abrahams, Vincent Hall, Olivia Crerar, Rosie Wagstaff, Adam Cox, Jack Crosthwaite, Lauren Hobbs-Plant, Jessica Bartholomew, Libby Richardson.

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