MFL Cinema Trip
Thursday 26th November 2015

Recently for the second year running Year 9 french students set off on a trip to Sheffield Showroom. They had the room to themselves for the morning to watch a showing of ‘Les Choristes’.

The students have been studying the topic of cinema in class, discussing their opinions of a variety of films and genres as well as discussing plot and creating conversations to organise a meeting at the cinema. It was a great opportunity for them so see a real french film in a cinema setting.

‘Les Choristes’ is set in post war France in a boarding school (Fond de l’Étang) with naughty boys and a very strict and cruel headmaster. Clément Mattieu, a failed musician comes to teach and by setting up a choir brings the students round. The Year 9 students all found the character Pepinot adorable in particular and it is a great ‘feel good’ movie.

Students really enjoyed the film and were surprised about how many words they were able to pick out and recognise out in French. A great morning had by all and students said they would definitely recommend it to students another year.

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