Battle of the Bands 2016
Monday 9th May 2016

Congratulations to all of the musicians who performed in last weeks battle of the bands contest at Clifton Community School – they really were fantastic! It takes time and a lot of hard work to become a musician, and guts to stand on stage and perform to a room full of people – the kids did themselves and staff proud. The atmosphere backstage was brilliant. We have some very talented pupils, from across all schools!

A review from one of our judges Mr Hudson:
“Music has the ability to make performers and audience happier and more relaxed; it’s able to test a performer’s ability and confidence so it builds character; and, more often than not, it’s a team effort creating friendships that last, sometimes for life.

On Thursday May 5th at Clifton school, a full audience was treated to all of the above with 5 VERY talented young ladies winning through against high ability competition. Alfie heard performed 3 songs whilst the votes were counted, and he out Sheeranned Ed Sheeran!

Tremendous, magnificent, heartwarming. Outstanding. All overused words. On that Thursday at one of our schools and involving young people from all of those school, all of these words, AND MORE, apply.

Battle of the Bands is here to stay.

Simon Cowell!! Who’s he?!!!”

Well done everyone!

The winners were:
In 1st place – Shockwave (Y7 band from Wickersley)
In 2nd place – Mountain of Diamonds (Jan Karala, Hussen Mulhem, Dayna Heald)
and in 3rd place – Unexpected (Y7 group from Wicks/Aston/Brinsworth)

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