International Jazz Day
Friday 30th April 2021

Today is International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is observed annually on April 30th to draw public attention to jazz and its extraordinary heritage throughout the month of April.

The day is actually the culmination of Jazz Appreciation month which brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, and jazz enthusiasts across the world to celebrate and learn about jazz and its origins.

The day also aims to ‘raise awareness about the need for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding and to reinforce international cooperation and communication’.

In celebration of this, Mrs Mason and Miss Mabanja opened a Y10 GCSE Music lesson on Music for Ensemble with a rendition of ‘Blue Skies’ by Irving Berlin demonstrating the features of jazz music for the class with piano improvisations by Mrs Mason and scat singing by Miss Mabanja. The class were very appreciative, spontaneously bursting into applause at the end.

Y10 then went on to explore the song further in ensemble groups and were learning how to improvise on their chosen instruments. They will culminate this work with class performances in their next lesson.

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