Learn to play the Bassoon for free!
Monday 23rd July 2018

Learn to play the bassoon for FREE!

Rotherham Music is developing a programme to encourage the playing of ‘rare’ instruments such as the bassoon.

The bassoon often gets forgotten as it is quite big for many children in Primary School but now in Secondary School is the chance to take it up. There is a nationwide shortage of bassoonists so opportunities are many and varied. You are wanted!

Your school has been chosen to kickstart this campaign and we are looking for 3-4 eager pupils to make a group of bassoonists.

These new musicians will receive free tuition and free hire of an instrument for a term.

There are only 2 requirements to qualify for this great chance:

  1. Must commit to attending one full term of tuition
  2. Buy a bassoon reed (£12)

After this initial offer, lessons would be £5 each in a group of 3/4 and free instrument hire for the rest of the year.

Mrs Chandler, our specialist double-reed woodwind teacher, will be in school soon to demonstrate the bassoon and answer any questions.  Lessons to start in September.

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