Year 7 & 8 Drama Club
Monday 2nd March 2020

Drama Club returns on Thursday 5th March and will run every week up until the end of June.

It’s a great opportunity to develop your drama skills, make new friends and will help you prepare for our pantomime auditions in June. This year there is also the opportunity to appear in the Drama Club sketch written for the Creative Arts Summer Showcase.

Each session will run from 3:20pm to 4:20pm every Thursday in Drama Studio 1. There will be something different each week and you can drop in and out according to which sessions sound interesting to you – there is no requirement to come every week, though of course you are welcome to do so.

The full programme of sessions is listed below and you can speak to your Drama teacher should you require further information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Date Session


Thursday 5th March World Book Day

Explore childhood favourites and bring to life the story of Today was a Terrible Day.

Mrs Watts
Thursday 12th March

Extended session


Improvisation Skills

Discover fun ways of creating new types of drama with creative games and activities.

Students from University of Huddersfield
Thursday 19th March Dramatic Detectives

Learn the tricks and tropes of classic detective stories like Sherlock Holmes and Poirot to create your own detective story.

Mr Wilding
Thursday 26th March Auditions for Spoons Out

Mr. Spoon’s just been found dead in the headteacher’s office, but who killed him? This is your chance to be part of the Summer Creative Arts Showcase and represent the Drama Club!

Mr Wilding
Thursday 2nd April Comedy Capers

This week’s egg-cellent story takes a twist when a practical joker (or yolker!) fries the fun with a practical joke gone wrong! Watch your step or you may end up boiled in hot water!

Mr Lancashire


Thursday 23rd April Shakespeare’s Birthday

Discover the secrets of The Tempest and stage the dramatic shipwreck from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

Mr Hart
Thursday 30th April Improvisation Allsorts

Pick a selection of cards giving you characters, locations, stories and other ideas to create an original piece of drama.

Mr Hart
Thursday 7th May Superheroes

Create your own superhero, devise their origin story and act out the trailer for this summer’s biggest comic book blockbuster.

Mr Lancashire
Thursday 14th May Supervillains

The sequel to last week’s session, this time you will focus on creating a terrifying supervillain. The world is in danger, but will you use your powers for good or evil?

Mr Lancashire
Thursday 21st May Panto Audition Prep

Work with friends and experienced panto cast members to develop your Robinson Crusoe audition pieces.

Mrs Watts & Mr Hart


Tuesday 9th June Robinson Crusoe KS3 Auditions All Drama Staff
Thursday 18th June The Holiday That Goes Wrong

The summer holidays are fast approaching… what could possibly go wrong on a family trip abroad? Create some open-air theatre in the A Block Quad.

Mrs Watts
Thursday 25th June Creative Arts Summer Showcase

The performance of Spoons Out – curtain up on the Drama Club performance of 2020!

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