Anne Frank: A History for Today
School News
Wednesday 27th January 2016

Between 25th January and 5th February, Wickersley School History department are hosting the Anne Frank Trust’s educational exhibition, Anne Frank: A History for Today.

The exhibition uses Anne Frank’s life and diary to explain the value of democracy and a civil society, and enables visitors to grasp the human consequences of persecution and war.

This is an especially exciting opportunity for 20 of our Year 9 students who are responsible for running the event and expertly guiding our KS3 History classes and their teachers around the exhibition.

The guides are trained to speak to visitors about themes including;

• Anne Frank’s diary and the history of the Frank family

• The introduction of the Nazi racist state

• The victims and appalling consequences of the Holocaust

• The deliberate and organised nature of genocide


The exhibition challenges us to think about how these issues are relevant today and what we can do to prevent prejudice and discrimination in our own communities, both locally and nationally. At the end of the fortnight, 12 of our guides will be selected to go on and become Ambassadors for the Anne Frank Trust and undertake further guide training to run the larger Anne Frank + You exhibition at Riverside Library in Rotherham.

This event will be open to the general public outside of school hours (evenings, weekends and the Easter holiday) and is free of charge to visit. Anne Frank + You will be at Riverside between 15th February and 30th March.

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