Armistice Day – Wickersley says ‘Thank you’
School News
Friday 9th November 2018
Poppy Stand

Wickersley School has recently received a lovely tribute for the men who lost their lives in World War 1, 100 years ago.  We have a silhouette for us all to visit, placed in reception by the poppy stall. There is also an accompanying leaflet produced by an ex-student of WSSC Joseph Stanley which has the details of the 28 World War 1 veterans from Wickersley as well as a plaque dedicated to one of Wickersley’s 28 soldiers, Mr George Henry Shaw. 

“There But Not There” is a nationwide tribute to the men who lost their lives.  This campaign hopes to see silhouettes up and down the country, wherever a roll call takes place.  They have produced acrylic silhouettes designed to fit into seated spaces or to sit on shelves/ledges.  Twenty-eight silhouettes have been purchased using the Borough Councillor’s Community Leadership Fund and are now placed in various settings around Wickersley village.  Thus echoing the part that the men or their descendants might have played in our community.  The silhouettes are made by ex-servicemen and women and all the profits will go to a group of mental health and armed force charities, as well as aiming to educate all generations about the sacrifices that were made by these men.

As well as this the Textiles Department and their students have been working hard to support this very special day and, along with some extra-curricular club attendees, have made fabric poppies which can be purchased for a small donation towards the Poppy Appeal, they have so far contributed £40 to the Poppy Fund.

The Hearing Impaired Department have also made their own “Poppy Cascade” in ‘B’ Block, which looks brilliant! There is also a lovely display in the Library and poppies for sale for a small donation. Mrs Mitchell has also brought in a frame with some medals from a family member who served during World War 1. You can view these all day. Also, any money from the sale of our books today will go to the Poppy Appeal.


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