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Friday 15th April 2016

A fantastic photo to capture the achievement of Students across all years, who have received 10 or more CFP’s, with no CFC’s from February Half Term up to Easter.

Special mention to James Foxton who achieved an outstanding 19 CFP’s.

Well Done Everyone !!


101 Students Achieved over 10 CFPs from February Half Term up to Easter.

Sohail Ahmed, Skyla Ainley, Shamas Ali, Thomas Allen, Matthew Allison, Chloe Bailey, Grace Baker, Caitlin Bannon, Ruby Barrett, Jessica Bartholomew, Lucia Bird, Kai Boulby-Allen, Olivia Brice, Vaughan Broadhead, Isabelle Broe, Izabelle Brookes, Maisie Calise, Molly Chester, Abigail Coleman, Rhys Cousins, Katie Daggett, Emily Dainty, Harvey Daley, Florence Davidson, Laura Davies, Phoebe Downing, Thomas Downs, Lucy Fenwick, James Foxton, Evie Gillott, William Gowland, Amy Green, Ellie Habbin, Yasmine Hammond, Lucy Hancock, Marni Harris, Cody Heald, Katie Heald, Abigail Hill, Elliot Hill, Florence Hill, Lucy Hobman, Mollie Hogg, Thomas Hurst, Rachel Incley, Alice Irwin, Miles James, Yama Jammeh, Hannah Jarvis, Lauren Jeffery, Thomas Jeffries-Long, Ebony John, Oliver Johnson, Ruben Keegan, Emma Keenan, Sam Lancashire, Sophie Lancashire, Alanah Leech, Eleanor Lord, Sophie Makings, George McCartney, Idrees Munir, Niamh Nicholls, Jenna O’Malley, Dylan Orridge, Max Quick, Adam Rahim, Mia Risco, Jessica Roberts, Summah Rodgers, Leon Roper, Millie Rose, Beth Scanlon, Amelia Scrivens, Daniel Shaw, Matthew Shaw, Kimberly Sikhosana, Isabella Simpson, Ellise Sissons, Izabella Smith, Joe Smout, Jamie Staniland, Megan Steer, Ellen Stockdale, Isobel Tattershall, Morgan Tipple, Alice Turner, Jessica Vaughan, Lacey Waddingham, Rosie Wagstaff, Benjamin Wallis, Connah Walton, Reece Whitehouse, Matthew Whittaker, Mark Wilcox, Jessica Wilson, Alfie Wood, Erin Wood, Joe Wood, Liberty Worsley, Holly Wright.


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