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Wednesday 13th May 2020

As you may be aware around 46 students and 7 staff members went to South Africa last year to work on community projects which had huge impacts on our lives. 
Four days ago, we had a plea for help from the expedition leaders to see if we could do anything to help a particular school community close to our hearts that is, unfortunately, experiencing a ‘crisis’ during this global epidemic. The Primary school, Johan Hus Mor in Tsitsikamma is currently closed like all schools but the alarming issue is that around 70% of the students and families rely solely on the school to provide these children with their primary food and nutritional intake. Sadly, families are now struggling to provide and afford food for their families and some are at crisis point. The school would like to provide hot nutritional food via volunteers for these poorer families but need the funds to do so.

This is how we have responded:
Our amazing students, their families and the PE staff are going to cover the distance in the month of May between the two schools!! 8760 miles to be precise. This is a HUGE challenge and we have estimated between us that we need to collectively cover around 300 miles a day on foot or by bicycle. We are currently on target. We also set out to raise £1000 for this aid response (Donate to fill a plate) and have just surpassed the target which is amazing.  We are so proud of the commitment and generosity from our students, families and staff involved.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our JustGiving Page.

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