Doncaster Aircraft Museum – Attendance Reward Trip
School News
Wednesday 20th March 2019

As a result of outstanding attendance, Mrs Maud, Mr Brown and Mr Longley took a group of 13 students mixed from Year 7 and 8 for a tour around the Doncaster Aircraft Museum on Friday 15th March.

Upon arrival, the students were treated to a tour of the hangar area which was filled to the rafters with aircraft spanning multiple decades, followed by a guided tour of the museum facility where they were given an insightful look into how aircraft have evolved over time and just how much of an impact the discovery of flight has had over the years.

Starting with the very first flying machine built by Wilbur and Orville Wright (The Wright Bros.) moving through time to aircraft used during World War II. The tour guide gave an insightful account of how aircraft were used through the various decades.

The museum holds a vast array of aircraft; some fully restored, some partially and others in a disassembled state which allowed them to see exactly what goes into an aircraft. The students were lucky enough to be allowed to sit inside the cockpit of a Vulcan XL388 which has recently undergone a restoration – A bomber aircraft that played a huge part in the Cold War.

As the day came to an end, the students were then allowed to try their hand on a flight simulator and even got the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a working early stage helicopter, where they could see just how the rotary blades worked.

It was an information filled afternoon and a real eye-opener into the world of aviation. It was great to see the engagement of the students throughout the trip and long may their attendance remain at such impressive levels.


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