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Monday 6th March 2017

Last week on of our Year 11 students Callum Jones experienced helping out with a professional stage production at the Beer and Music Festival at Magna.

It was an amazing opportunity where he gained loads of work experience and learnt a lot about stage production from beginning to end. Callum really got stuck in with helping to put up the stage and learnt how to operate the hired light controller. The entertainment team looked after him throughout the week and during band performances gave him total control of the lighting desk for the main stage. One of their comments was “He is an absolute natural and you don’t often come across people with that sort of talent”.

Callum has now completed his Skill aspect of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and has got lots of photo’s to submit as evidence and for his college portfolio.

Well done Callum and keep up the hard work towards achieving your Duke of Edinburgh award!

IMG_4212 IMG_4215 IMG_4225 IMG_4228 IMG_4244

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