Fantastic Fundraising
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Monday 10th September 2018

Troy Wallis in year 11 has taken part in some amazing fundraising over the Summer holidays courtesy of an NCS email and managed to raise an outstanding amount of money for the charity Amys House.

Throughout my summer holidays, I embarked on one of the biggest adventures of my life, and it all started with a message.
During my holiday I received an email. Within this email was one question, “Are you ready for fun?”
The email that I received was from the National Citizen Service (NCS). Within, it stated that I had agreed to do a four-week course within which I was going to be taken out of my comfort zone and learn what life would be like post 18.

The aim of week one was to get into 9 groups of 16 and get to know all sixteen people within the group. During this week I was taken out of my comfort zone and faced my fear of heights. This was a massive step for me because for years I have lived with this fear, not knowing what to do with it. The way that I broke this fear was by completing a course in which I was suspended, three storeys high, over this deep lake and I had to make my way through the course. It consisted of a wobbly bridge, a couple of tightropes and some wet slippery logs.

The aim of the second week was to learn about higher education and live like a university student for a week (without alcoholic drinks) and within this week my team were given some accommodation and £200 between us to live on for a week.

The third and fourth week was community service. We went to ‘My Place’ in town. While we were at My Place we were planning for week four. We decided to do some fundraising for a charity called Amy’s house. This is a registered charity to help support people with special needs and help their parents. This included a charity football match, a charity bag pack and a sponsored walk. This took the whole week.
On Tuesday, we had decided to go around Rotherham and ask shopkeepers for prizes for the raffle. On Wednesday we were bag packing in Morrison’s in the morning and in the afternoon we went around Parkgate and asked for prizes again. On Thursday morning, my team went to Meadowhall to go and get prizes and I went to work to prepare for the charity football match by getting everything that we needed. On the last day, after the sponsored walk, we all sat down and counted the money out that we had raised.

Amazingly, we raised a massive £786.75 in aid of Amy’s house.

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