Get Work Ready: Students Start Their Work Placements at Wickersley Partnership Trust
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Monday 26th April 2021

This week, our students at Wickersley Sixth Form start the Get Work Ready programme, which will see them joining different departments across Wickersley Partnership Trust as part of a placement to gain valuable work experience.

The Trust has given us a great opportunity to accommodate a range of work experience in-house. Initially eight of our students will be taking part in our first Get Work Ready programme, with plans for the scheme to grow and become a rolling termly initiative. 

The first group of students will intern in departments across WPT’s schools and central team, including Finance, Primary PE, EYFS, and Premises.

Students’ career routes are constantly evolving, and recently we have seen a rise in our students choosing work or apprenticeships after Sixth Form. We’ve introduced this programme to ensure that students are fully prepared for their next steps in the world of work. However, Get Work Ready isn’t just for ‘non-uni’ students, anyone can enrol and take part to reap the wide-ranging benefits.

The aim of the 12-15 hour internship programme is for students to:

As part of the Get Work Ready programme, students have been attending dedicated careers lessons in preparation for their work placements – learning everything from work contracts to organising finances. From here, they selected which area they would like to to intern in from a list: 

Scott Gaynor, Head of Wickersley Sixth Form said: “As Head of Wickersley Sixth Form, I’m proud to introduce our Get Work Ready work experience programme. This is an exciting opportunity for students to be immersed in a real-life professional setting and develop the skills essential for success in the world of work.”

Although this is our first year of the scheme, we wanted to start small and grow, and we are hoping to grow the programme over this year and next. If students are interested in taking part in the programme in the future, please contact Sixth Form.

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